When it came time to decide on frame materials, our team spent a lot of time looking for an eco-friendly material that does not compromise on the quality of our frames in terms of flexibility, resistance and durability. We want to offer you the most eco-friendly material on the market, and also the best performing material on the market.


Based on our extensive research and experience


We selected a newly developed bioplastic material that derives from castor oil.  Unlike most plastics used in the manufacturing of glasses, our plastic is not dependent on a limited petroleum (crude oil) resource. Therefore, during its production, our bioplastic minimizes emissions of greenhouse gases and the consumption of nonrenewable resources, making it the plastic material with the lowest environmental impact.




Material and Frames Manufacturing Process


The raw material comes from the castor oil plant crops. During its growth, this plant is able to absorb a large amount of CO₂. The seeds contain a large amount of oil, which, through chemical processes, can be modified to create primary raw materials that are at the base of various bio-polyamides.


The molding compounds of bioplastic used to manufacture our sunglasses are sourced in a company in Switzerland that uses green processes and clean energy such as hydro-electricity and process steam produced by a biomass power station.


In the end, using these bio-polyamides and green manufacturing processes reduce the CO2 emissions by more than 70% compared to conventional equivalents polymers made from crude oil.


We manufacture all of our sunglasses in the north of Italy, having chosen a company that shares the same values of sustainability and strong respect for the environment. Our sunglass frames are injected using electric machines, rather than machines running on oil. The frames are tumbled with state-of-the-art high tech equipment using water recycling systems that allow re-using the same water for nearly 6 months.  Furthermore, we only use water-based paints to hand paint each pair of 23° sunglasses, a responsible choice towards the planet and people involved in the manufacturing of our frames.

We make it a priority to understand and verify the processes that our manufacturers use, as well as who they are, their values and how they treat our planet and their employees.





Design with a purpose


The frame design, with a refined sculpture for both the front and temples, has been studied to both be fashionable and to use the least material possible in order to obtain the most lightweight sunglasses with mineral glass lenses.


We chose to use a built-in hinge, that uses one screw to keep front and temples together.


This is another way we minimize the impact on the environment, while keeping the sunglasses lightweight, durable and safe. The result is a pair of sunglasses with a perfect fit and flexibility that you can wear all day long, enjoying a better vision without even knowing you have them on.


Each pair of 23° sunglasses comes with two unique asymmetric temples. This patented design features our desire to celebrate everyone’s diversity and uniqueness.




Everything we do is different than the mainstream. We know and celebrate this. A revolution is about changing the status quo and together with you we make a statement for change.




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