We know eyewear.


We are passionate about the environment.


23° Eyewear is the brainchild of Italian brothers Stefano and Roberto, who decided to use their creativity to the benefit of nature and fellow humans by developing a genuinely sustainable collection of eyewear, while preserving the best optical quality and affordable prices.


Travelers, dreamers, entrepreneurs and designers by profession, Stefano and Roberto started to explore how they could turn their vision into action, and bring to the eyewear industry a product that gives each and every one of us a choice that:


Truly respects the environment  /  Empowers us to make simple daily choices of “what to wear” and “what to buy” while protecting our planet.


They shared their plans with a few of their closest friends and a strong collaboration started to come to life.




The Earth’s destiny is our destiny. If we neglect it, we neglect the quality of our own lives and the lives of generations to come.


Within a very short time, the founding team had a product designed and engineered, using both eco-friendly materials as well as sustainable manufacturing processes. This was quite a revolutionary approach for the eyewear industry, as the majority of products in the market go through many production processes that are harmful to the environment.


The name “23° Eyewear” symbolizes the strong connection between us, human beings, and our mother Earth, as given by the importance of 23° in our lives.



The design of each pair of sunglasses is intentionally simple, minimalistic, universally suitable for every face shape. Therefore every pair of 23° eyewear is ideal for all spirits that share some or all of our passion for the environment..




Support our REvolution of Eco-Friendly Eyewear.


The change we want to see around us can only come from ourselves through our personal daily choices and actions, no matter how small or big.


Each pair of 23° sunglasses is an opportunity to replace neglect fostered by other industry products, with a product choice that protects the environment.



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